We're a digital platform making legal convenient like never before.

We're using technology to change the way that legal jobs get done. At LegalForms we've spent a couple of years pioneering different ways of working for lawyers and clients. Three years, over 50 lawyers and 300 clients later, we're using technology to get great lawyers doing the best jobs in a very different way.

It's always nagged at us that big law firms charge their clients three or four times what the lawyers receive - there has to be a more efficient way for day-to-day legal work. This is where the Marketplace by Legalforms.ng comes in. It uses the lessons we've learned about working with great lawyers to remove the law firm infrastructure when it's not needed to get jobs done.

Our platform isn't about getting your biggest multi-jurisdictional M&A deals done. It's about everyday contracts and expert advice. We've got some of the best lawyers in Nigeria who we'll match up to work with you without the usual overhead, giving you a genuine alternative to outsourcing to traditional big law firms.

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